The questions we like to ask about God are endless: 

“Does God really exist?”
“Is everything about Him really 
true?” and

“Can He change my Life?

Who is GOD? Human wisdom may define Him as “the Creator and Ruler of the Universe”, “The Source of all Moral Authority” and “the Supreme being”. But a seeker with the quest for Truth will find Him much more meaningful and real. Yes! To a thirsty soul He is the Living Water! To the hungry heart He is the Living Bread! To the lonely person He is the Ever Loving Father!

THow did the Universal, Omnipotent and Omniscient God become so nearer, dearer and personal? The answer is simple! To relate himself to the sinful man and to uplift him from his fallen state, He sent His only begotten Son in the form of Jesus Christ. Jesus is personal and real! Whoever diligently searches for him, will definitely know Him not only as his personal Saviour but as a true friend as well.

The BIBLE which is the living book that transforms a person’s life gives you the answer for all the relevant questions that arise in one’s heart about JESUS. JESUS - the son of GOD, was born as a normal human but in a supernatural way; He lived the life of a human but in a sinless way; He fulfilled the Law of Moses only to replace it with the period of Grace! He laid down His life to save us from sins and to make a way for us to receive Eternal Life. The sacrifice of JESUS gives us the privilege to have access to GOD, our Father in heaven. The Son of God, who was born to save our perishing life, declares , “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

You may wonder why our life has to perish and why Jesus should die for us? God created a sinless man called Adam after His own image and placed him in the perfect world. Sin found its way into this world through the transgression of our Forefather Adam. Thus we all have come under the bondage of Satan and have become a cursed generation, because of allowing sin to rule the world. God raised many prophets and leaders to protect His own people, but no man could live a perfect life to fulfil His commandments. As GOD did not want the world to perish, He sent His Son to this world in the form of JESUS, who became a substitution for us, through His sacrificial death on the cross. The death of Christ on the Cross is to pay the penalty for our sins and to free us from the Adamic curse. He rose from death on the third day thus defeating the three enemies of man namely Satan, Death and Hell. JESUS CHRIST is the Last Adam, who emancipated us from our fallen state to enable us to embrace everlasting peace and Eternal Life. The scripture reveals the truth accordingly, “For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”(John 3:16)

We are blessed to have the authority to experience the Resurrection Power of Christ in the form of Holy Spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit will make us to overcome all the sinful activities and to deliver us from the evil’s trap. We as a Church encourage every individual to taste JESUS CHRIST to enjoy abundant life and to gain Eternity. AMEN.
This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. 
John 3:16 MSG

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OUR VISION is to serve the Lord in and around berlin.

OUR VISION is to carry Christ to unreached areas.
OUR VISION is to set up mission fields and support ministries in Sri Lanka & India.

We are a family of children of God, professing and practicing the tenets of the Lord’s teaching as expounded in the Holy Bible.

WE BELIEVE in the triune nature of God who is the creator of the universe.
(Gen. 1 , 1.John 5:7)

WE BELIEVE in the deity of Jesus-His supernatural birth,death,resurrection, assention and promise to return.
(Luke 1,23,24,Acts 1:10, Rev 22:11)

WE BELIEVE that man is born with a sinful nature and requires redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ who has paid the eternal price on the cross for human infirmities.
(Rom 3:23, 5:12, 7:14-25, John 3:16)

WE BELIEVE that this redemption is a process commencing with the confession of sins, being cleansed in the blood of Jesus,and accepting Him as the Saviour.

WE BELIEVE that Immersion Baptism in the name of the triune God is neither a ceremony nor a ritual,but the entering of a new covenant of good will with our Lord, through the burial of the old man who is dead when one is born again.
(1.Pet. 3:21, Col 2:12, Mark 16:16, Eph 4:5)

WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit is the moving force in the body of Christ and the baptism of Holy Spirit is essantial for the Powerful Christian Living.
(Acts 1:8, John 16:7-15)

WE BELIEVE in the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit and practice the Gifts for the building of the Temple of God at personal and corporate level.
(1.Cor 12;14:1, 2.Tim 1:6;1, Pet 4:10)

WE BELIEVE in the Fruits of the Spirit as the resultant produce of the Spirit filled life which enables perfection of the inner man.
(Gal 5:22-25)

WE BELIEVE in the fellowship of the holy brethren with one another and with the Lord being strengthened by the assembling of Holy Congregation and partaking in the Holy Communion.
(Acts 2:46, 1.Cor10:16-24)

WE BELIEVE in Life after death -the eternal life of saints and the eternal damnation of sinners. (Rev 20,21)

WE BELIEVE in the second coming of our Lord Jesus, the Resurrection of the dead, the Rapture of saints,the period of tribulation,the ultimate Triumph of Lord ,

the Millennium, the final Condemnation of Satan and his rebels, the Rewarding of the saints and the period of timeless Eternity.
(1.Thes 4:15-18, Rev 1-22)

WE BELIEVE, accept, practice and proclaim the Bible as the Word of God.
(2.Tim 3:16,17)

“Contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.”
Jude 3




Pastor Premkumar is the Pastor of Open Door Mission Church, a registered body in Germany which is also a member of BfP (KdöR) -The Recognized body of Full Gospel Churches in Germany. He is also the President of Open Door Mission Church’s Managing Board since its inception.

The Open Door Mission Church functions as a storehouse for several church leaders around the Globe. Pastor Premkumar has produced several in- depth teaching cassettes on several topics, which is in demand in many countries.

Besides shepherding this Church, he is also associated with several national and international bodies/ministries. Pastor Premkumar is gifted with the office of Teaching. He travels widely conducting Crusades, Seminars and short term Bible schools around the Globe. He produced the Audio Bible in Tamil Language with dramatic narration, the first of its kind, which is known in 40 countries. This apart he has authored several albums of Teaching Series on various themes.

Pastor Premkumar has addressed Radio/TV broadcasts in England, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and in India.

His articles have appeared in a number of Spiritual Magazines/Periodicals. His weekly TV Programme Hour of Glory is broadcast in over 110 nations.



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